2018 mest populære Suicide (French Literature) (French Literature Series) (Paperback) by Leve Edouard Steyn Jan c7pwSi0U

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Edouard Lev delivered the manuscript for his final book Suicide just a few days before he took his own life. Suicide is not then simply 'another' novel--it is in a sense the author's own oblique public suicide note a unique meditation on this most extreme of refusals. Presenting itself as an investigation into the suicide of a close friend--perhaps real perhaps fictional--Lev gives us little by little a striking portrait of a man with all his talents and flaws who chose to reject his life and all the people who loved him in favor of oblivion. Gradually through Lev 's beautiful casually obsessive pointillist ruminations we come to know a stoic sensible thoughtful man who bears more than a slight resemblance to the author himself. Suicide is a near-exhaustive catalog of the ramifications of the act for which it was named and a unique and melancholy farewell to life.