billig Community Psychology: In Pursuit of Liberation and Well-being (Paperback) by Nelson Geoffrey Prilleltensky Isaac 8CCGVP4y

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Product Description:

The second edition of this introductory textbook Community Psychology has been updated and expanded to reflect how changes within society have led to developments across the field. The authors offer a fascinating introduction for students setting out the principles of community psychology as they consider how its roots have helped to shape the goals of liberation and well-being. Following this the authors look closely at the conceptual interventional and research tools of community psychology and how they can be applied in different contexts the difficulties faced and practical ways to help achieve social justice. Featuring a wide range of critical perspectives international examples exercises and additional online resources this textbook will encourage students to think more critically about the role of psychology in society and about how community psychology can aid in the liberation of oppressed groups to promote social justice and well-being.