overkommelige The Magpie's Tale (Animal Tales) (Paperback) by Butterworth Nick Inkpen Mick e7RL2qOw

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Product Description:

A cheeky magpie is protecting his horde of sparkling treasure one hot afternoon when he sees a crowd begin to gather. As he watches with growing interest he sees fat little Zacchaeus trying to peep over the crowd - but he can't see and he can't get through

Zacchaeus climbs the magpie's tree and together they watch as Jesus comes near - the magpie huddles over his treasure as Jesus calls up to Zacchaeus - does Jesus know the magpie's treasure is stolen? As Zacchaeus gives back the money he has cheated the people out of the magpie too starts to return his stolen goods - even the ring he took from Zacchaeus

A charming slant on the famous Bible story told and illustrated by two best-loved children's picture book creators.